I haven't been the most prolific blogger of late but this one we simply had to share. I hope you are enjoying the current Will Young song "Thank You" - at Ailera we certainly are. If you've seen the footage you'll be able to see that our Alexia hamam towel is pretty much the only thing all the participants are wearing. 

The song was officially released on 24th July and is the latest to come from Will's number one album "85% Proof". Back in May we were contacted by the wardrobe people working on the production, who said they adored our hamam towels and were looking to use some in a music video. After some decision-making as to specific design and colour, we settled on the Alexia towel in olive colour and 25 or so were shipped off to London.

The video is shot at Porchester Baths, Queensway, West London. This is a proper old-school spa and Turkish Bath complete with steam rooms, dating from 1929 and refurbished in 2006. 

(Photo: Time Out London website)

Having seen the location and the video itself I think the more subtle and traditional look of the Alexia towel works perfectly - and for someone who spends all his time marketing hamam towels as a beach or travel accessory this is a brilliant and compelling reminder of exactly what a pestemal was (and still is) actually used for. Aside from the odd vest or two, it is the only "costume" for both male and female dancers throughout the song - and it works brilliantly. For most punters the Hamam experience is a little more sedate.

Ailera would like to thank Will, the Director Nick Bartleet and the entire production team (especially our contact Susan Hildebrandt) for choosing Ailera's towels to feature in this video. If you haven't seen it yet here it is:


 (warning: strong expletive at very end of video)

And here is the Behind the Scenes clip, with some interesting footage:

 (warning: strong expletive at 1m 30s)