The Heritage Handloom Noemie Collection | Vintage inspired |

The Noemie Hammam, every one made with a little piece of heritage & a lot of love.

In a time when we've come to understand the importance of transparency, where our products are made, what the raw natural materials are, and it the process it has gone through, the Noemie Collection is full of provenance ... A beautiful cloth, reminiscent of days gone by, when living was slower, we made things to last, needed versatility and practicality.

The Noemie is more than just a towel. Here is how we celebrate & nurture the ancient traditions of Turkish craftsmen weaving our new hammam designs sustainably, in a balance of culture & traditions.  

The Noemie hammam is 100% naturally vegan, woven from cotton grown in Turkish region where the highest quality of cotton in the world is grown. The climate is the perfect environment for producing cotton, less rain and long sunny days. With a high thread count from naturally long thin fibres, this Turkish cotton is extremely absorbent. Combined with long lasting texture and natural shine the long cotton fibres are then blended with linen for a robust vintage quality.

For centuries Turkish artisan craftsman have created hammam cloths in the honoured traditional way. Our Noemie Hammam's are still crafted in small workshops for us, in a small town which is historically one of the most important weaving centres in Turkey. We support & celebrate these precious traditions and how much work goes into the making of a hand-loomed hammam.

One skilled weaver works each loom, reloading the shuttle - you still need to suck the thread through the holes at the end and keep the shuttle moving smoothly.  The work is meticulous, the loom like a fragile work of art, with thousands of individual warp threads delicately suspended through the "kasa" containing the heddles, or needles through which the threads are held. This then leaps into life when the loom is functioning, holding yarns up in various configurations to allow the shuttle to bomb through the gap or "shed". The level of workmanship and attention which goes into the making of these products, is magical, made with just that extra little bit of love. 

Designed by our team in England, the Noemie features an understated neutral colour palette celebrating our love of rustic linen grain bags and Mediterranean vintage ticking fabric.

The result is a wonderfully luxurious "vintage feel" cloth, full of provenance, at home in the bathroom, dining room, bedroom, or to wear, wherever the mood takes you.

For all the hosts who are counting down to Christmas lunch, this is the finishing touch - a cloth to cherish that will set the scene but forgive sticky fingers or a spill of mulled wine!

So easy to care for, the Noemie is machine washable at 30 degrees & quick to dry.

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