Lockdown Home Truths | Making your Home Feel Good | Christmas Cosy Layers

Lockdown Home Truths...

What has the 2020 taught us? That possibly home isn’t just a place or a space... it's a sense of belonging, a feeling where the little things make a difference.

The first and the last thing you see, and in lockdown the bit in between! It helps create the mood you wake up with and whatever the day had in store for you it is the haven you return to.

Big or small, urban or rural, white or colourful, it’s yours, and what you surround yourself with adds the layers of comfort. Whether you live alone, with a pet or other humans what matters is how you feel. Now more than ever... we all need the little things that make our life a little more comfortable, uplifting, reassuring... it’s a time to surround yourself with what simply makes you feel good.

The comforting topper upon your bed on a blustery winter's night, or familiar fleecy lined throw on a sofa for watching TV, the luxury layer on an English Summer’s evening that lets guests stay to chat a little longer when the sun is going down and there’s a real chill in the air. Whatever day, month or season it is, our easy to care for, super cosy blankets and throws make a real difference to how you can enjoy your home.

Vegan, 100% cotton with super soft fleece lining that feels naturally soft against your skin.

A treat for yourself or the perfect Christmas gift to send that makes a home feel a little softer, cosy and mood-lifting.

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