The hair hack for in & out of lockdown 2020 | Hair wash days transformed


Hair Issues Solved - Say Hi (again) to the Peskir Hair Towel

If you had asked any beauty expert back in January 2020 what the big hair trends for the year ahead would be, it’s unlikely anyone would have said grown-out roots, wonky fringes, and home-done dye jobs! Yet here we are. 

The year is finally drawing to a close, and it’s safe to say that the face of beauty has changed substantially over the past 11 months, most notably when it comes to our hair. Whatever your signature style, whether you started the year with ice-white lengths or a sleek, glass-like bobs chances are 2020 has messed with your hair game.

Sure, we all started this ride feeling optimistic that we would be able to return to our trusty stylists and get our signature locks back just as soon as things "blew over," but as time has moved on so have our hair priorities. The truth is, chic but high-maintenance styles just aren’t co-operating with the rest of our lives right now. We are having to deal with a lack of salon appointments and social events, but above everything else, we just can’t be bothered to style our hair every day.

So how do we proceed? Well, at a time when we’re all looking for a hairstyle that’s fuss-free, easy to manage, and versatile, it’s no surprise that the iconic '70s shag is making a comeback, keeping things textured and carefree but a softer easy to maintain cut.

So... how do you have that ‘good hair day’ in & out of lockdown & in absence of the hair stylist rescue? We’ve come to rely on an ancient hair hack for hair wash days, used since bathing began… and once tried you’ll never go back to the routine of drying your hair with the bulk and weight of a regular towel. 

Introducing the Peskir, pronounced 'Peshkir'. A 100% cotton hammam towel, originally used as a hair wrap in Turkish Baths. What’s so different that will transform hair wash and home treatment days forever? First, they’re made with Turkish cotton, which is comprised of very long fibres that mean fewer joins (or seams) are needed. That results in a smoother, softer feel. Second, unlike terry towel cloth which stiffens and becomes scratchy with washing, Turkish cotton becomes softer. The result …. A super-light but mega absorbent and soft to touch 100% naturally vegan cotton, which allows you to naturally dry your hair to reduce hairdryer damage time. NO drips down the neck or heavy weight to wobble around on your head whilst you potter doing your beauty regime, treatment or getting dressed.