First posted 18th September 2012
Following on from our previous blog, here is some footage we shot of products in the process of being woven at the workshop. To watch the clip more than once, simply reload the page.
The first short clip shows the weaver loading the shuttle and starting the loom.
The second clip below shows the loom working, weaving a terry product (this is the combination towel which we stock, where terry stripes and flatweave combine to create the structure and design). Watch the shuttle whizzing in and out at the beginning, and as the camera moves to the right you can make out the wooden stick at the right of the loom which knocks the shuttle back into play again. 
You can also see the weft thread woven into the warp yarns and then getting beaten into place. This is actually being used to hold a new row of terry loops in place. There is a second roller behind the loom which is feeding in more cotton a little bit faster, so it makes a loop which is then fixed in place by the pick (the shuttle journey). The thing I always find fascinating is the enormous number of heddles moving up and down - I love the swishing metallic noise, and I can only admire the amount of work involved in setting a loom up - passing individual threads through the eyes of all those needles.
The third clip shows how the cotton is wound onto the quills from the large bobbins. There are always containers full of these quills next to the looms waiting their turn to be loaded into the shuttle. 
I've shared many a ride to the weavers or to a factory with packs of these large bobbins in the car. I love the photo below showing neat stacks of used bobbin inners. All in all, a great way to spend a few hours - seeing your own product being woven is just thrilling.
Used cone innerscotton cones